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Published: 29th May 2009
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In Didim Akbuk, where almost 10000 Englishman dwell, tourism period keeps going on till the end of the October; however, it's visible that it shelters only a little number of native tourists due to the month of Ramadan and the start of educational period. Didim has recently become the pensioners' city of Englishmen. The Englishmen population in the town which is exceeding 10000 demands to participate in the municipality and to be part of the local government for a much better town answering to their needs. Every year, the quality and the quantity of clients are rising up.
Didim Akbuk Marina
The marina project which is actually the biggest project in Didim Akbuk, is about to be completed. Didim Akbuk Marina is going to be the biggest marine in Turkey, while it will rank the second place worldwide. It will contribute much to tourism in Didim. Besides, the port project for cruise ships is going on. This project will be completed in two years as well.
When this project about cruising tourism is completed, Didim will have completed all that it lacks now. It will have a leading power in the process of making the Aegean Region the most outstanding touristic area. It's already a city with a well-done substructure, a beautiful surrounding geography, with ready-to-use establishments of solid waste reservation, and without drinking water problem. In addition, surrounding arrangement works are presently going on. All these are indispensable conditions for tourism.
Didim is a city of tourism
Didim is officially declared to be a city of tourism. Through the studies of planning, it has been observed that the most of the city is located on 20000000 square meters. Constructions of the new 5 star 7 star hotels, holiday resorts and golf pits will be initiated soon. A tourism centre alternative to Antalya is already being formed here. Didim has a brilliant future with great possibilities.
Didim Akbuk Property for British People

Nearly 10000 British have owned a house in Didim. It is known that British people prefer Didim due to its nature and weather. They go on getting architectural and housing permissions and want to stay here for 12 months. They start the sea period in February. As the wind blows from the land towards the sea, the humidity level is very low; thus the ones suffering from asthma, rheumatism, heart and vein problems benefit from the weather of Didim.
It is possible also in winter to see the British people on the streets, in the markets. The ones who are annually staying in Didim are provided with Turkish courses. They participate in the courses and get their certificates so that they have the chance to talk Turkish language with a reasonable level to solve their problem in case they face some.
The British people living here have a demand for a church and this demand will be realized soon. In the new cemetery area, a part is reserved for foreigners. It has been indicated that for the first time the Turks and the Brits have been buried in the same yard with adjacent graves.
It's another fact that cross-cultural marriages frequently take place in Didim. The Brits married to Turks adapt more easily to the society. Turkish man and English woman or English man and Turkish woman marriages have been both see. The reason of this incidence is that many foreigners live in the area.


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